How to recover data after reformat?

Is it possible to recover pictures after my hard drive was reformatted? It sounds like it might be possible, but what are the chances?

Since you have not put any new data onto your reformatted drive, there's a great chance you can recover data from your reformatted drive.

Data recovery after reformat is like deleted file recovery: You just need to find format recovery software and use the software to scan your formatted drive. Here I highly recommend M3 Format Recovery Free for you. It is one of the best data recovery programs that enables you to recover formatted data like photos, videos, audio, document files, etc.

You can download a full version of M3 Format Recovery Free first and then start data recovery after reformat.

Perform data recovery after reformat in 2 steps

Step 1: Select the reformatted drive which you want to recover lost data from

Install M3 Format Recovery Free on your computer. You will see an interface as below shows. Select the reformatted drive you want to recover lost data from and then click Next to scan the lost files.

M3 Format Recovery Free

Step 2: Preview found files and recover selectively

After the scan, all found files in your formatted drive will be displayed. You can preview photos one by one and preview the name of other files so as to check whether they are what you are going to recover or not. You can also search you wanted files by specifying file name in the searching bar.

In the end, select files you want to recover and click "Recover" to save them to your computer.

M3 Format Recovery Free - Recover data after reformat

Tips: Please do not save the recovered files back to your reformatted drive after the recovery.

Besides data recovery after reformat, M3 Format Recovery Free can also recover data from RAW drive and recover data from corrupted hard drive.